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Message From the CEO

If our recent presidential election taught us anything, it is to expect the unexpected. In America, Europe, and around the world, investors are continuously surprised by election outcomes and international events.

While unforeseen change appears to be the new norm, one thing that remains constant is the need for a trusted wealth advisor who can assist investors in reaching their financial goals. Together, we can find opportunity in turmoil and manage risk effectively during times of uncertainty.

Our advisors will help you prepare for the unexpected and attain your financial goals through economic strategies of:

  • Diversification – developing a broad portfolio
  • Agility – strategizing solutions that allow you to stay nimble in any market
  • Reevaluation – considering your goals, assessing the environment and adapting to the situation

Although your personal needs and goals may not have changed, the political environment and capital markets are continually fluctuating. In order to meet your financial objectives, you should regularly reexamine your portfolio to ensure that you are still on course. We can help you manage change and update your options.

Finally, although emotions have been running high since November, we are still a nation of checks and balances. We’ve developed some materials that demonstrate the potential for legislative and regulatory adjustments that could be made under the new administration, based on policy statements made during the campaign and post-election. Click here to read that piece and view our policy table.

Thank you,

Dave Hanson